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Bridging the gap betwen health and home

Old man using an ellipitcal machine with tubes in his nostrils

Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Crofton Care offers Breakthrough Pulmonary Rehabilitation Designed to Reduce Re-hospitalizations

Individuals suffering from various pulmonary disorders have their strength renewed at Crofton Care & Rehabilitation Center as they gain relief from their conditions.

We are the Golden Standard for patients with:


• Pneumonia

• Asthma

• Pulmonary Fibrosis

• Emphysema

• Restrictive Lung Disease

• Chronic Bronchitis

• Trachs

How often have you been hospitalized?

Would you like to be home more and in the hospital less?

Crofton Care & Rehabilitation Center can reduce your hospital re-admissions through our pulmonary program.

• Complete respiratory assessment & care plan created by a licensed respiratory therapist

• Assessments & treatments done by a respiratory therapist to monitor for early signs of potential issues

• Weekly pulmonary team rounds led by our facility pulmonologist

• Supplemental exercise program designed for the pulmonary patient

• Patient disease & medication education

• Tracheostomy care, weaning & decannulation

• Coordination of post discharge visit to pulmonologist, DME & HHA company transition, & post discharge

follow up calls to the patient/patient's family

Crofton Care & Rehabilitation Center is a 180 bed, 5 Star Skilled Nursing Facility that focuses on post acute medical care serving Anne Arundel County and surrounding communities. Admissions are accepted 24/7

Our Specialized Pulmonary Program is designed to:

• Treat high acuity pulmonary patients in the SNF setting

• Reduce re-hospitalizations

• Provide high quality patient care

• Provide outcomes reporting

Our effective and comprehensive program for the pulmonary compromised patient provides:

• Specialized care, monitoring & education by respiratory therapists, competency trained nurses & rehabilitation therapist

• Airvo Therapy (high flow airway humidification)

• NIOV (Non-invasive OPEN Ventilation System)

• High Frequency Chest Oscillation Therapy (vest therapy)


• Cough assist

• Specialized rehabilitation

• Tracheostomy care