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COVID-19 Advisory

August 28, 2020

Dear Family Members,

I am humbled and proud that through the efforts of our staff we have had 4 consecutive weeks of no positive COVID-19 tests. We continue to test staff weekly and are no longer required to test our residents unless they exhibit a sign or symptom. All new admissions remain in private rooms until after their 14-day observation period has completed. Strict compliance with PPE use and hand hygiene remains the focus for all departments.

Initiating outdoor visitation has been exciting. It truly was heartwarming to see the joy on the faces of family members and residents alike. I think the entire Crofton family enjoyed watching the reuniting of loved ones with residents.

The interdisciplinary team is working on the "next steps." This will include allowing groups of 5 or less to experience an activity or dining. Residents who are symptom free will be eligible to participate in these programs. Masks will be required and social distancing of at least 6 feet will be maintained. The Therapeutic Recreation department along with the Nursing department will be working together to schedule the residents for these programs. Launching of the "next steps" is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday September 2nd.

Please know that I appreciate the patience that each family member and resident displayed during the COVID-19 shutdown. Thank-you for trusting each of us with the care of your loved one!

As we begin implementing our “next steps” please know that we monitor the success and implementation of each of these programs and make the necessary adjustments as needed. As updates are announced, I will bring you information as to how and when we will safely implement the next round of "next steps."

This is another big step forward for all of us, let’s continue to work together to make it a success!

My Best,


Philip J. Gordon, Sr., N.H.A.