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COVID-19 Advisory

May 20, 2020

Dear Family Members,  

Crofton Care & Rehabilitation Center is cautiously celebrating the last 15 days of care with no new resident cases of COVID-19. This success is achieved through the efforts of a unified force of dedicated staff who give it their all each day. 

We have had 1 positive employee COVID-19 case in the past 15 days. PPE use remains mandatory in the care of our residents. This measure secures protection for both residents and staff. As we know, COVID-19 is active in the community and once staff leaves the facility we encourage each of them to practice prudent infection control measures in their homes and in the community. Hand washing, masking, and social distancing continue to be the behaviors that can mitigate the spread of this mean spirited virus. 

TESTING - many have asked when universal testing is going to be completed for residents and staff. We received the test kits this week and will initiate testing on May 26th. During our calls with the Maryland Department of Health and National Guard, we have been informed that the initial facilities tested have had about 15% asymptomatic resident COVID-19 positive rate. To prepare for the ability to cohort these residents, we are creating an asymptomatic COVID-19 unit on the back hall of Station 2. This will involve room changes for the residents currently in those rooms that will be made this week. This area was selected to minimize the possible exposure to non-COVID-19 residents. Families and residents that will be impacted by this have been contacted. Asymptomatic staff that test positive for COVID-19 will not be able to work for 10 days. We are making contingency plans for this as well. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation during this difficult time.    

My Best, 

Philip J. Gordon Sr., N.H.A.