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COVID-19 Advisory

DATE: March 11, 2020

TO: All Visitors

FROM: Philip J. Gordon Sr., N.H.A. - Administrator

SUBJECT: Closed to Visitors

Effective March 12, 2020, we will be restricting all visitation to the facility. This decision is not made lightly and we understand the hardship this puts on everyone. Our primary duty is the health and wellness of our residents. The CDC, CMS, Maryland Department of Health and the Governor’s Office are changing the guidance to skilled nursing facilities daily. The most recent guidance has recommended severely limiting visitation. We have always erred on the side of caution and during this national health crisis we will continue this practice. We are all extremely concerned about the spread of COVID-19. This action is no guarantee that the virus will not make it into the facility but it will reduce the chances of this happening.

The following are a list of actions that we either have or will be implementing by March 12th:

Front doors will be locked

NO visitors in the building

No resident LOA's

Residents are only allowed to leave the facility for essential medical appointments, as determined by their medical provider

Care Conference Meetings will be held via conference call

All resident laundry for short and long term residents will be labeled and cleaned in-house at no cost to the residents

Anything being dropped off at the facility will need to be bagged and labeled. You will leave it on a table in between the two front doors and staff will deliver to your loved one

In an effort to assist in communication with your loved one, telephones will be provided in all appropriate resident rooms. We hope to have all the phones in the building by 3/13/20. During this time, the facility will be waiving all telephone charges

As always, resident representatives will be contacted for any change in your loved ones condition

Due to the expectation of an increased number of calls to the facility, all calls will be managed at the receptionist desk. Calls to the room will be put through immediately, messages for the nurses will be taken and your calls will be returned as soon as possible

All employees are being screened, their travel monitored and if appropriate, self quarantined at home for 14 days In addition, we are following the guidance of all the federal and state health organizations and will be making changes to this policy as dictated by the trajectory of the virus. We are still working on fine tuning all the details for family interaction as it relates to discharges, medical appointments, significant changes in health conditions etc. You will be updated on the proper procedures as these situations relate to you. We encourage everyone to monitor the CDC website as it provides the most current information.

In advance, we thank you for your understanding and in partnering with us during this national health crisis. It is no longer about doing what is right as an individual but what is best for all of us. We take our responsibilities very seriously and are doing what we think is prudent at this time. We welcome your questions and will work through all the answers with you but please be patient with us because we do not have all the answers; no one does, but know we will be ever vigilant during this national health crisis.