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Rehabilitation Center

A Personal Plan of Care Sets the Stage for
Rapid Recovery of Functional Abilities

Crofton Care & Rehabilitation Center is committed to getting our community "back on its feet." Our dedicated rehabilitation unit provides in-house therapy for post-surgical knee and hip replacement patients, and those recovering from traumatic events such as multiple fractures and cardiac events.

Our rehabilitation team consists of physicians, nurses with specialized training in rehabilitation, and physical, speech and occupational therapists. Collectively, they craft a personalized plan of care that focuses on restoring your mobility and independence, and smooth reintegration back into the home and community. Therapy is available seven days a week in a state-of-the-art gym, well equipped to help patients realize rapid recovery of abilities.

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Physical Therapy 

Physical therapists work diligently to help improve functional outcomes after joint replacement surgery, stroke, and other medical conditions. Individualized exercise programs are designed to improve strength and range of motion, enhance balance, and restore mobility. Therapy modalities include parallel bars, assistive devices, ergometers, Omnicycle, NuStep recumbent bike, vehicle transfers, electrical stimulation, ultrasound and diathermy.

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Occupational Therapy 

Occupational therapists maximize safety and promote independence to allow people to function better after surgery, illness and disability. Occupational therapists are highly competent in the art and science of healthy aging. Occupational therapists employ exercises, modified techniques, adaptive equipment, splinting, wheelchair seating/positioning, home safety recommendations, and caregiver education to optimize daily life skills.

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Speech Therapy

Speech therapists work to improve cognitive and communication skills, and to address safety in eating and drinking. Special imaging studies can be done or interpreted on-site to examine swallowing risks and avoid health risks from aspiration. Standardized assessments, modified recommendations, and caregiver education are provided during the program to help ensure progress well after you return home.

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Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program

Individuals suffering from various pulmonary disorders can have their strength renewed through our breakthrough Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program, while reducing re-admission to the hospital by up to 70%. Programs include Airvo Therapy, NIOV (Non-invasive OPEN Ventilation System), High Frequency Chest Oscillation Therapy, CPAP, BIPAP, AUTOPAP & ASV Therapy, Tracheostomy care.